Looking for something fun for the kids while they are out of school for the week? Join us for a four-part series of kids’ craft workshops February 19-22 from 10:30-11:30 am. Participants will learn about Shaker history while completing a traditional craft. Workshops are $5 each, or all four for $15. Pre-registration is required by February 12th. Please call (518) 456-7890 x23 or email shakereducator@gmail.com to sign up for this great series. Find the schedule below.

Tuesday, February 19th – Magazine mini-basket
Baskets were one of the many items that the Shakers made  for their own use and for sale in their shops. We will study reproduction and original Shaker baskets before weaving our own out of recycled magazines.

Wednesday, February 20th – Oval boxes
Shaker box makers  made oval boxes in many different sizes for household and workshop use. They did not create the design of the oval box, but they refined it with their excellent craftsmanship. Learn about Shaker design and examine original and reproduction oval boxes. Then try your hand at decorating an oval box of your own. These boxes are great for storing small treasures.

Thursday, February 21st – Clay herb tokens
Of the many businesses of the Shakers, the herb industry was one of the largest and most successful. From dried herbs to herbal remedies, the Shakers made and sold dozens of different preparations. Explore the history of the herb industry, then make lovely clay herb tokens by pressing fresh herbs into molding clay. A ribbon can be added to create a nice handmade ornament.

Friday, February 22nd – Weaving fabric
In the 1800s, it was very common for people – including the Shakers – to make their own clothes. Learn about the process from sheep to finished clothing with hands-on activities like using a drop spindle and weaving on a table top loom. Then create your very own loom out of a simple piece of cardboard and begin your first weaving project.

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