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We decided to film a video showing guests how to get from I-87 to the Shaker Heritage Society. Starting in the northbound lane of I-87, between exits two and four (fun fact: there is no exit 3), we began filming, to show visitors some of the intersections and landmarks to watch for. It is a long video (of course we managed to catch almost every red light), so it may take some time to download on some computers and connections.

We have found that different GPS systems and mapping devices offer different directions. Please be cautious using these, as they may take you to an incorrect location. You may want to print the following directions, in case there is any confusion.

From the northbound lane of I-87:

-Take Exit Four. Once on the ramp, try to be in the left lane.

-Turn left. (If you are early and want to explore food options on Wolf Road, turn right.)

-At the next intersection, which is only a couple hundred feet away, turn left. You will travel under the I-87 bridges.

-At the next intersection, keep going straight.

-At the next intersection (where one would normally bear right to go to the airport), keep going straight.

-At the intersection with Heritage Lane, turn left. You will see the Albany County Nursing home on your right and then the large Shaker barn on your left.

- Turn left after the just after the Shaker Barn.

- The Shaker Meeting House is the second building on the right.

- Parking is available on either side of the building (Handicapped accessible parking is on the far side of the building next to the ramp. A doorbell is located next to the ramp door, please ring this if you need assistance.)

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