A century ago today, the British ocean liner Lusitania was torpedoed by a German U-boat off the coast of Ireland. The attack resulted in 1,198 deaths, including 128 Americans. Although it took another two years until… Continue reading

This post was written by SHS staff member Candis Murray, Ph.D. 

By 1774 Ann Lee and her small band of Shaking Quakers had found their situation in England increasingly unstable. Considered suspect by local authorities, they were regularly… Continue reading

In celebration of National Puppy Day on March 23rd (yes, it’s a real holiday, promoting the adoption of dogs from shelters and educating about the dangers of puppy mills), let’s talk about the Shakers and their pets!

The… Continue reading

One of the most well-known tenets of Shakerism is celibacy. Throughout their almost three centuries-long history, the Shakers have eschewed marriage and romantic relationships, organizing themselves into communal “families” of brethren and sisters and redefining what family means.

Love, however,… Continue reading

A substantial woman with a kind, round face, Anna Belle Goepper kept the South Family Journal from 1915-1922 at the request of Eldress Anna Case. As well as a supreme cook and baker, Goepper was a capable author, and her… Continue reading