Shakers in Your Classroom
Social Studies Standards 1, 3, 4

(Grade 3 to Grade 6 – OUTREACH)

The Shaker Heritage Society brings the museum to you! During this hands-on program, a museum educator visits your school and introduces your students to the Shakers and their impact on local and national history while teaching them about daily life on a 19th-century farm. Your class will then have the opportunity to try everyday farm chores, such as grinding herbs with a mortar and pestle, hand spinning wool, and weaving on a loom.

Dates:      Throughout the school year
Time:       Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Up to 4 classes may be scheduled in one day at the same site.
Fee:          $120.00 per class; 2 or more classes at the same site, $100.00 each.
Mileage is charged for sites more than 10 miles from the Society’s office.

BOCES Approved Artist/Presenter, eligible for funding – ID 1587A

Booking Procedures

Call (518) 456-7890 ext. 23

Have the following information when you call:

  • School name, address, phone & district
  • Teacher’s or Teachers’, grade & number of students
  • Program requested
  • Preferred dates & times
  • Special needs

Once you have booked, a confirmation form will be mailed to you.  Please review it carefully and notify us if any changes need to be made. Please call 456-7890, ext. 23 if you have any questions about our programs!

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