Explore America’s First Shaker Settlement
Social Studies Standards 1, 3, 4

(Kindergarten to Grade 6 – ON SITE)

Students explore the site of America’s first Shaker settlement while learning about life in a 19th century farming community. The tour begins in the 1848 Meeting House with an introduction on the history of the local Shakers. Students will learn and perform the Shaker song and dance “Simple Gifts” before continuing on their tour. Students will have an opportunity to try a number of hands-on activities as they learn about Shaker life and industry, like weaving on a loom, spinning wool with a drop spindle, and crushing herbs with a mortar and pestle. The tour includes stops at the oxen pasture, chicken coops, and herb garden, followed by a visit to the 1915 Barn.

For students in Grade 3 and up, the tour also includes a visit to the Shaker apple orchard and the cemetery. This program is adapted for each class so that it is presented at an appropriate level for the students.

Dates:     September through mid-October (please call for dates), April through June
Time:      Tuesday – Friday, between 9:30am-4:30pm
(1 – 1½ hrs for preschool to Grade 2; 1½ – 2 hrs for Grade 3 and up)
Fee:         $4 per student

Call (518) 456-7890 ext. 23

Have the following information when you call:

  • School name, address, phone & district
  • Teacher’s or Teachers’, grade & number of students
  • Program requested
  • Preferred dates & times
  • Special needs

Program fees do not apply to teachers or chaperones.

Once you have booked, a confirmation form will be mailed to you.  Please review it carefully and notify us if any changes need to be made.  Teachers are responsible for making their own transportation arrangements.  Please call 456-7890, ext. 23 if you have any questions about our programs!

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